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Would life be an emergent property, resulting from the interactions among several components of a dynamical system composed by molecules? How is it possible that these non-alive molecules regulate each other collectively, reacting to the most diverse stimulus from their surrounding world, with all features we deem as life ? 

These are the questions that motivate our scientific research at LaBiSisMi (acronym for Microbial Systems Biology Lab, in Portuguese). Microorganisms are adequate models to study this transition, between the alive and non-living. Microorganism are small, often unicellular, and experimentally friendly. They are a full package to study basic principles which govern life! Besides this basic application, several (bio)technological applications already came and will come from the study of these fascinating organisms.  

LaBiSisMi takes as mission to contribute to the study of such microorganisms, considered as a integrated dynamical system, seeking for multi-scale quantitative models to understand their behavior, guided by experimental molecular biology. Founded in 2010, LaBiSisMi advocates the usage of a multidisciplinary approach to microorganism study, deploying modern systems biology. Our vision is that only the synergy among technology, mathematics and computation, leaded by biology, will be able to answer questions that motivate our science.

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